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Mrs Sporty:
Smart Trainers
across Europe

Mrs.Sporty is an established brand in the health and fitness industry with over 200,000 club members in over 550 clubs across Europe.

Mrs. Sporty established a circuit workout system in 2004 to provide a guided training environment for their members. Club Members train in a group, moving around a circuit of different equipment or activity spots every 60 seconds. A personal trainer is located in the centre of the circuit to provide feedback and motivate members. The circuit workout system allows for an effective workout, without needing a dedicated personal trainer for each club member.

Pixformance joins the circuit

Mrs Sporty circuit workouts are a step above unguided exercise because each club member is given feedback as they exercise, by a person they trust. However the trusted trainer at the centre of the circuit must divide their attention between 4 to 8 club members.

The introduction of Pixformance to Mrs Sporty circuit workouts in 2014 changed this dynamic dramatically.

Pixformance acts as a co-trainer, tracking each exercise repetition in detail and offering immediate feedback. Club members now receive constant attention throughout their workout. As club members move from one Smart Trainer to the next, they receive their own personal workout automatically, each Smart Trainer guiding them through their personal, highly customised, workout program. Personal trainers can analyse and adjust exercises and workouts for each individual club member on their Pixformance Profiles.

"Pixformance is the core training concept in more than 50% of our gyms, and by 2018 Pixformance will be integrated in all our clubs"

Kerstin KolataProduct Manager at MrsSporty HQ

Pixformance transformed the circuit workout, and also streamlined member management for club owners. The consistency and customisation of Pixformance Profiles leads to training improvements becoming visible immediately, meaning Mrs Sporty club members have been achieving their goals more efficiently and effectively.

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Enhancing the franchise

The Mrs Sporty offering has become much more attractive for club members, and perhaps more crucially also for Mrs Sporty franchise partners. Smart Trainers represent a unique opportunity in fitness technology and equipment, leading to significant differentiation in a crowded market.

Sven's success story

Sport and fitness have always been a big part of Sven Wasserstraß’s life. During his 16 years of working as a fitness coach and presenter, the certified fitness expert always dreamed of opening up his own personal fitness studio catering purely to women. In 2007 he opened his club Figurstudio Damenwahl. Six years later, after limited success, Sven applied to Mrs. Sporty to become one of its franchise partners. Convinced by Mrs.Sporty’s approach of using Pixformance - the most innovative fitness equipment on the market – he believed the concept was the best way of catering to the individual needs of his clients. Success was inevitable: today, Figurstudio Damenwahl has joined the ranks of Mrs.Sporty studios and Sven is more successful than ever before.

Sven WasserStraß talks about his move to Mrs Sporty and Pixformance

Pixformance represents an exciting opportunity in the fitness industry, with a proven system that works for club owers and club members alike.

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