Smart Trainer

Smarter Training

The Pixformance Smart Trainer is an award-winning innovation in fitness training, combining functional training with realtime motion tracking and exercise recognition to create an unparalleled fitness and rehabilitation training experience.

Providing analysis and feedback in realtime during exercise leads to extremely effective workouts, getting people where they want to be sooner and safely.

Functional Training

Functional training originates in rehabilitation and is proven to deliver superior results for long-lasting physical health. In comparison to conventional training machines and isolated weight lifting, functional exercises better prepare muscles for everyday activities and sports to avoid injury.

Functional training represents the basis for numerous exercises available on the Pixformance Smart Trainer. The Smart Trainer adapts to a user’s individual conditions and ensures each workout is executed correctly. Functional exercises involve the entire body and quickly result in a noticeable and positive physical improvement.

Realtime Motion Tracking

Advanced realtime motion tracking and the sophisticated exercise recognition engine guide users through their workout. The Smart Trainer tracks exercise execution based on precision, range of motion, repetitions and speed. A detailed record of the exercise is stored online, allowing detailed and individual insight into personal progress.

For one and all

Smart Trainer's are extremely flexible. As a standalone machine, each Smart Trainer offers single exercises and continuous workouts for individuals. Arranging multiple Smart Trainer's in a group makes circuit workouts available for individuals and groups, whilst still permitting single exercises and conitinuous workouts at anytime.

Individuals continiously workout through a series of exercises, even when working out in a circuit. Each Smart Trainer knows which exercise to show regardless of where a person came from, even if each member in group randomly circulates.

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Tailored Workouts

Everyone can enjoy a tailored workout experience using their Pixformance Profile. Individuals can create personalised workouts, and club Owners can use their expertise to build the perfect workout for inidividual members, or workouts available for their entire club. Pixformance provides extreme customization for each and every exercise, including repetitions count, repetition speed and equipment weights.

Invaluable insight

Pixformance Profiles shine a light on individual progression, allowing people to set goals and analyse their workout results.

Pixformance Profile

Award winning innovation

The Smart Trainer has been recognized as a huge leap forward in the fitness training industry, winning the FIBO Innovation Award for 2014 and included in the Best of Consumer Electronics 2015 by Initiative Mittelstand.